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Information about the ChillDil™ – The Essential Elemental Sex Toy Accessory!

November 1, 2009

What is the ChillDil™?

The ChillDil™ is a special sleeve designed to heat up or cool down your favorite sex toys! People have been enjoying the benefits of metal sex toys, silicone sex toys, glass sex toys, ceramic sex toys and other high end dildos and vibrators for many years now, but enjoying the ability to change the temperature of these materials was often a hassle. These toys are usually sold with instructions to heat or cool in a bowl of appropriate-temperature water, which would involve getting a bowl, microwaving (or even traditionally boiling) water or cracking ice cubes into it, hauling the whole thing to one’s bedroom or other sexy staging grounds, and periodically dunking, waiting and drying off the toy if a “re-up” of heat or cold was desired.  Bowls were knocked over, water-toting-intentions were questioned, and generally those that had to deal with lack of privacy often played with their toys at room temperature, rather than bother with the water method.

Some sex toy owners skipped the medium entirely, opting for sticking the toys directly in the refrigerator or freezer, or microwaving them. This was also an issue, for several reasons – many forgotten dildos were discovered by prying eyes in the crisper drawer, and glass sex toys – expensive, pretty ones with 24 karat gold or silver fuming – were discovered rather abruptly to not be compatible with microwaves.

Surely there was some comfortable middle ground, thought the inventor – some way for people to quickly and efficiently play with temperatures without harming their toy, the overactive imaginations of a roommate, or startling guests or children with illicit objects tucked amongst the leftovers. An organic orgasmic device that didn’t use chemicals or overly complicated procedures and did exactly what a toy owner would want it to.  A sex toy accessory that could also be useful, even when sexytime was over.

Enter: The ChillDil™. A specially designed sleeve filled with natural materials that serves several purposes.


*Can be microwaved (20 seconds on each side) or placed in a freezer (20 minutes from room temp to perfectly chilly), after which the discreet (and now hot/cold) sleeve can be carried back to your room as a “head/neckache helper” – either as a cover story or as an actual head/neckache helper.

*A glass/metal/ceramic/silicone toy of your choice can be slid into the inner pocket for 2-3 minutes – the special filler conforms to the sex toy, surrounding it thickly on all sides for maximum transfer of heat or cold.

*Pop it into a ziptop plastic bag and use the heated or chilled ChillDil™ sleeve to take your sensual oil massage to the next level (your partner will thank you, trust us!)

*Enjoy a refresh of heat or cold mid-pleasure session by sliding the toy into the specially designed washable sleeve (which ensures the inside of the ChillDil™ stays clean) and popping the sleeve back into the ChillDil™. Moan, Groan, Repeat!

Made by a woman-owned company right here in the United States, the reusable nature and natural filler of the ChillDil™ makes it a great “Green” upgrade to almost any sex toy! The best toys for temperature play are often an wise financial investment in your sensual satisfaction, so why not get the most out of them with an inexpensive enhancement? ChillDil™ is also excellent when warmed for alleviating menstrual cramps, sore muscles, and when chilled for chasing away headaches or fatigued eyes, making it one of the few sex toy accessories that is just as useful outside the proverbial bedroom.

A few important notes about ChillDil™:

This sex toy accessory cannot be washed or exposed to water, so it is important to use the special removable/washable sleeve if re-inserting a toy that is being used.

It is extremely important to test the temperature of both the ChillDil™ and your sex toy prior to using or inserting your sex toy – we realize this is common sense, but some folks get quite excited when “in the moment” and we figure a reminder couldn’t hurt! The best way to check if the temperature is comfortable is to hold the toy in your closed palm or against the inside of your wrist – if it is too hot/cold to remain there comfortably, give the toy a few minutes (out of the ChillDil™, of course!) to adjust to a more comfortable temperature and test again.

When microwaving the ChillDil™, put down a clean, folded paper towel if your microwave isn’t exactly up to Martha Stewart standards – this will ensure the sleeve doesn’t absorb anything except sexy warmth. Only zap it in 20 second (or less, if your microwave is a particularly powerful one) intervals on each side. After the first time you warm up the ChillDil™ in your microwave, you’ll know exactly what intervals will work best for you in the future.

Launching in Late November/Early December 2009, these sleeves will be tentatively priced in the $25-$30 range. Wholesale pricing will be available for retailers and distributors, and “Special Edition” color and pattern combinations are in the works! Want to be the first to hear when we launch? Send us an email to say hello at: