Still no patent number.

Hello Readers;

Just wanted to stop in and mention it has now been a full week since I requested the patent information from the company that claims to hold it, and have not gotten any information whatsoever about the patent in question.

It has been five days since I requested clarification, in writing, of statements made on a forum by the alleged patent holder that he does not, in fact, plan to send a cease and desist, legal order, or pursue any other action that would prevent chilldils from being manufacturered, marketed, and sold. As I previously stated, I cannot afford to charge ahead and risk a lawsuit – I recently had to undergo emergency surgery to prevent the loss of my eyesight, and my finances are unfortunately a bit tied up with that at the moment.

Sadly, that’s all the news I have available to me at the moment, as the other side of this problem has chosen not to respond so far to my request for their patent number.


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