No word yet.

Hello everyone;

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have received no response from the company in question. They’ve made some statements in a forum about desiring to help my company get started, and if that’s the case – I’m thrilled! I’ve written them asking them to clarify their statements, to, in particular,  give to me proof in writing that they have no intentions on halting or otherwise interfering with Chilldils remaining in business and actively selling our products. Unfortunately, until I get that, I’ll I’m left with is two previous missives from them, both of which state that they will be sending a “legal cease-and-desist order”. I don’t want to stop my business momentum – and in fact have several retail customers, my manufacturers, an advertising venue, and a graphic designer waiting for my green light…it’s killing me to have to hold back, but I don’t want to risk getting sued for everything I own by blindly rushing ahead in what may be a patent violation. In addition, patents are in place for a reason – I respect the process and would never knowingly infringe on one.

I have not received any information about the patent yet; I asked specifically for the number of the patent, which would be the fastest and easiest way to verify the holder and the content of the patent and examine it to see if my product conflicts with it. I am hoping that the other company provides both their patent number and the clarification of their statements by next week, which is when I requested they do so by.


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