Chilldils are no longer available, at least for the time being.

Hello everyone;

I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support. Those of you who have not been following the story, Xhale Glass claims to have a patent on the very concept of a hot/cold pocket for sex toys, though, to date, has not provided the information to verify this.  While it is strange that they would choose now, after a four year “radio silence”, to resurrect their object and talk about their patent, I am halting production in good faith until I have a chance to see the patent in question.

While I welcome support, I’m publicly stating here that I’d like to keep it clean. I have my own opinions of this alleged patent holder, his attitude, and his business practices, but it won’t do much good to start a flame war over personalities. Those who wish to show support can write a blog, send a tweet, or choose not to patronize both the alleged patent holder and their sales outlet, as some have already done.

A patent is a patent, and once I am shown this alleged patent and am told by my lawyer I do not have grounds to continue, I will happily move on to my next project. Until that time, feel free to stay tuned for updates.


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