An update on Chilldils…

Hello folks!

TTC here, popping on to give you an update. Here is the deal on Chilldils:

I had a very talented manufacturer that was on board with me until just before Christmas, when I very suddenly stopped hearing from her. I tried in vain through several different methods to get ahold of her, and finally succeeded last week (late January). Unfortunately, due to unavoidable personal circumstances, she was / is unable to continue as my manufacturer for this product. Naturally, this makes me very sad because she is a talented and dynamic woman, but real life must always come first!

That being said – she is sending out my chilldils for the “donors” at kickstarter soon, as she was at least able to finish those. I am on the hunt for a new manufacturer as we speak…I believe in this product and I’m not looking to abandon it, if it is at all possible. If you know a talented sewing person who you think might be up to the task, I wholeheartedly welcome recommendations. Part of my reason for choosing the initial manufacturer I did was that I was hoping to see both my vision come to life and offer work to someone here in the states; it supports a fellow American, keeps the product “greener” because it doesn’t have to travel as far, and shipping is cheaper too! That being said, I’d love to find another “Etsy Momma/Poppa” type, which would let me work with an independent artisan over a big factory.

I will update as info becomes available – I have a few ‘feelers’ out to other Etsy manufacturers, hopefully one is up to the task 🙂



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