We Did It!

Sexy people –

I’m so happy to be writing this post to tell you that we made it! Chilldils has officially raised the $500 we needed to made our hot/cold dream a reality, thanks to some wonderful and generous friends in the community. Once the campaign is “officially” over on December 15th, Kickstarter will release the money to Amazon Payments, which will then take their sweet time about giving it to ME, apparently. However, this means that I can actually plan instead of just theoretically plan! I’m writing up the orders for our storage tube packaging now and designing the inner label/insert. 🙂

Naturally, I wouldn’t be writing this without the help of 12 truly incredible people:

  • THANK YOU to www.beyondbirdsbees.com, my very first backers! Beyond Birds and Bees is an innovative site that examines the different approaches to “the talk” and sex education in general that people have experienced. Educational, often hilarious, and informational, BBB is a must see site.
  • THANK YOU to www.AAGblog.com, written by a very awesome and very dear web friend – it covers everything from crock-pot towel prep, to fisting, to the everyday foibles of life as a parent of three.
  • THANK YOU to www.virtuallyadult.com, which is a nifty site that brings real-world sensuality into the realm of popular SIM game Second Life(tm)! Buy objects for your avatar to enjoy and interact with and join in on some of the hottest adult parties Second Life(tm) has to offer!
  • THANK YOU to Dangerous Lilly, of www.DangerousLilly.com – a wonderful blogger and real life buddy, tearing up NYC with BadBadGirl and I during the Sexblogger Calendar Party this year and last! Please check out her own project – the new-n-shiny sexblog roundup site www.elustSexBlogs.com !
  • THANK YOU to D.S. – an anonymous donor with a big heart. 🙂 I don’t know about him, but I’m going to go ahead and assuming he’s charming, startlingly attractive, and incredibly intelligent!
  • THANK YOU to Epiphora, of www.HeyEpiphora.com – not only did my sex-toy-sista-at-arms donate money, she wrote a lovely blog for Chilldils, after which donations went through the roof. Epi is literally the ONLY gal I think could pose a challenge to yours truly in a sex toy version of Jeopardy. 😉
  • THANK YOU to Panthera Pardus of www.RamblingNewbie.com and www.LolKink.com – a dear twitterfriend, she is great fun and a truly delightful buddy, even if her penchant for caning makes me wince with sympathy!
  • THANK YOU to b_playful, of www.b-playful.blogspot.com – This astoundingly generous man not only helped me make last minute additions to 200(!) gift bags at the NYSBC party the minute I walked in, he also donated a big chunk of change to getting us up and running. He has a disarming smile, cute butt, and cowboy boots…I am unfortunately spoken for, but any rope-loving ladies would be well advised to hop on that particular train before someone else does! Or…while someone else does. I’ll leave the logistics to the passengers.
  • THANK YOU to thatturtle, of www.ablanderbeige.com/wordpress – This is why I love the garden state. This awesome photographer and music enthusiast isn’t even in the sexblogger community, but he reached out to support someone who lives in Jersey. I owe you coffee, dood.
  • THANK YOU to toywithme, of www.toywithme.com – another incredibly generous sponsor, TWM has supported my writing as well, inviting me to guest write on her blog! You should really take a gander at her site, even if just for the design…I have serious layout envy. She has a bevy of talented gals writing regularly (one of the things that drew me to the site in the first place), ensuring the blog always has new viewpoints and sexy subjects to read.
  • THANK YOU to CarrieAnn_ , of www.viewfromthefloor.com, a sexblogger that puts out a nice site chock-full of toy reviews! And a puppy!
  • THANK YOU to DebauchedDiva and Urban_Gypsy – The dynamic duo of the sexblogger circuit, these two lovely ladies were the guilty parties organizers behind the NYSBC launch party, both last year and this one! If you want some seriously, ridiculously hot stuff? Check out Diva’s liberating suspension photos and Gypsy’s (very) hot orgasm audio !
  • THANK YOU to Angel, another anonymous big-hearted donor. You were the special one that brought us to our goal – thank you very, very, very much. 🙂


TTC & April – the gals behind ChillDils!

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